How does it work

Always wanted to design your own silver ring? Or are you looking for a perfect personal gift for a friend or loved one?

The box includes everything you need to get started

  • Jeweller’s wax
  • Instruction book (with lots of tips and tricks)
  • Ring sizer

With this box you will be able to have your own uniquely designed ring cast in sterling silver and polished by a professional goldsmith.


make your own ring - the gold edition

Would you like to have a gold ring instead?
This is definitely possible too! 
Make your own ring is a kit where the costs of silver are already included in the kit
Because the price of gold is significantly higher, the best way of pricing is based on weighing the model your creation. This means you only pay for what you have designed!
Just buy a regular MYOR kit, return your wax model the same way as usual and write on our form if you prefer 9k or 14k gold. Once we’ve received your ring, we will weigh it and send you a quote and payment link. 
If you do end up finding this a little too much, you can of course change to silver again and don’t pay any additional costs! 

Some Examples of rings made with the MYOR kit


how does it work? 2

how does it work? 3

how does it work? 3